Kotlin is one of my strongest languages, and it probably has something to do with me spending most of my developer hours on android development. :D

I started developing for android since 2014. The first of the applications I developed were for hackathons, but it helped me get familiarized with the ecosystem. Back then it was primarily Java+Eclipse, and I'm grateful for the shift to Kotlin and Android studio xD

I'm passionate about building highly-technical android apps, especially when custom views are involved. I've been experimenting with Compose lately, as it makes UI function based (more creative freedom) and it strikes a huge similarity with React.js which I'm familiar with.

I currently work at Quoti as the lead developer. It uses Coroutines extensively (SharedFlow is my new favourite thing), View models for MVI based UI logic (yup, influenced by React, again), Hilt for DI, work manager for scheduling, and Navigation components for clean UI flows.

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